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Why the Cloud may Not be right for Your Company

At WPA, We Only Support QAD Mfgpro (all Versions)

WPA PRO_technologies is your complete partner for QAD Enterprise Requirements Planning (erpcomplete). We bring highly proven, professional and affordable consulting services and complementary products to the users of the QAD Enterprise Applications. We extend, implement and support QAD. WPA trains users, administrators and programmers in how to work with QAD.

At WPA, we understand that each company operates in a unique way. WPA can configure our offerings to meet every exacting requirement that your organization has. We make your ERP business processes work to meet all the needs of your environment.

WPA consultants have over thirty years of Progress, ERP, EDI and Barcode experience. With extensive expertise ranging from commercial ERP software package design and development to delivery and administration, our people have the skills and background to provide your firm with the finest implementation possible.

WPA’s programmers have the knowledge and experience which allows us to effectively service the most challenging of manufacturing environments. When you have an ERP issue needing immediate attention, you can count on WPA to get it resolved quickly.

WPA PRO_technologies responds to its clients’ need to stretch Information Technology budgets. We understand today’s global marketplace and have innovative ways to extract cost from your ERP system while gaining added value. We are the most reliable, accommodating and experienced technology provider with which to entrust the critical enterprise resources of your company.

QAD Plugins & Extensions


Pro_scan Bar Code Data Collection


Worldwide Optimized Warehousing


Paperless Shop Floor

WPA PRO_technologies has created standard software product to enable off-the-shelf solutions for QAD-integrated Barcode, EDI, Warehousing and Paperless Shop Floor Control.

WPA products are compatible with all QAD versions, from 9.x, QAD 2017 to the Most Current. Server Platforms supported include Linux, AIX, HP/UX and Cloud.

All WPA products are written using Progress - enabling the most seamless integrations possible to QAD.

QAD Programming

WPA enables QAD clients to design, develop, test and deploy custom applications and interfaces using a proven system development life cycle. We evaluate and execute all programming projects from a business versus a technical perspective. We follow all of QAD's rules as to not hamper your next QAD upgrade. We work closely with your in-house users to desing and create the best solutions possible.

WPA knows that it is impossible to attempt to deploy business applications like QAD without customization. Situations always arise where an organization needs to enhance an application to meet specific company or industry needs. Don't be fooled by consulting companies that tell you other-wise.

In addition, programming / interfaces can also be developed to connect applications outside of QAD. By connecting their systems, companies can save time and money and have a truly interconnected solution.

At WPA, we are more than just programmers who help you design your custom application, but we are also QAD consultants who understand all the processes which allows us to design custom applications that are easy to use and are streamlined for seemless transaction flow.

Some Current and Past Clients

Fapco, Inc
Dynamic Manufacturing
Mueller Industries
FN Manufacturing
Rogers Group
NBHX Trim Corporation
Gabriel Ride Control
AJ Rose
TH Plastics
Mohr Engineering
Atlas Bolt & Screw
Horizon Industries
Evco Plastics
Premier Products
TM Morris
DBI/Sala Corp
Kauffman Engineering
Enterprise Automotive
Robertson Screw
L&W Engineering
BBK Warehouse
And many more.


Covering the Midwest and Southeast United States
Phone: (800) 870-3685

Email: info@erpcomplete.com